URL-Shortener for your own domain

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Welcome to 3oh1.io

3oh1.io is a URL-Shortener that you can host yourself. Like bit.ly or goo.gl you can shorten URLs, manage your existing URLs and activate / deactivate them. But the main difference is that your host your own service, with your own domain. Additionally your don't have to rely on any service that may go out of business. Just host it on your own server and be always the Lord of your own Short URLs.

Main Features

The following features you'll get from using 3oh1:

  • Create Short-URLs for your own domain
  • Short-URLs on a per User Basis (Multi User)
  • Statistics about Short-URL redirects
  • RESTful HTTP API to manage Short-URLs

Authors and Contributors

The 3oh1 project is a open source project of Manning Publications (http://www.manning.com/). It was created by Mario David (@mariodavid) and Matthias Hamann (@bresche).

Support or Contact

Having trouble with the app? Don't hesitate to contact us via mail (3oh1@manning.com), raise a ticket at https://github.com/ManningPublications/3oh1/issues or create a pull request.